Sand Creek Beers

Wild Ride IPA

This classic India Pale Ale is wonderfully hopped with Cascade and Chinook hops for a strong start, a smooth finish, and a fine amber color.

6% ABV
60 IBUs

American Pale Ale

Sand Creek English Style Special Ale

A robust traditional English ale with a fine roasty-toasty flavor, handcrafted from select roasted barleys that impart its red-brown hue.

5.5% ABV
26 IBUs

Sand Creek Hard Lemonade

Our summer classic! We make our Sand Creek Hard Lemonade with real fruit juices and cane sugar to create a sweet, delicious concoction that we like to think is better than the rest. Ask your local retail outlet to order some today!

Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

A very full-bodied yet smooth-drinking stout with a complex nutty finish.

4.5% ABV
25 IBUs

World Beer Cup Gold Award

World Beer Cup
Gold Award
(Oatmeal Stout

Badger Porter

This velvety ale is brewed from a duo of Belgian and American dark-roasted malts. When poured, its deep garnet color is crowned with a creamy tan head.

5% ABV
22 IBUs

Sand Creek Cranberry Ale

Black River Falls is in the heart of cranberry country, and this fall seasonal is a German ale brewed with real Wisconsin cranberries. Not your typical, sweet fruit beer, our Cranberry Special is well balanced with a refreshing tart finish.

Sand Creek Weizen Bock

A true to style wheat doppelbock. Sip this beer slowly and taste the banana, cloves, figs and dates imparted by the German yeast. Allow to warm slightly and the caramel, toffee and brown sugar flavors will shine from the various specialty malts used. Prosit!

One Planet Ale

This extra-smooth ale is brewed with honey and four grains from Wisconsin: barley, wheat, rye and oats.